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Coaching For Individuals & Organizations

2BDetermined Inc. helps mid-career professionals and executives identify and achieve their career goals as well as offering coaching and strategic support for organizations.


Coaching for Individuals – Is your future still “to be determined”?

Ever feel like you’re waiting for your life to happen? If you’re like most of us, you may know where you’ve been but not where you’re going. That’s complicated by an ever-changing world of work that represents both risk and opportunity. You may find yourself wondering “What’s next? Is it realistic to seek fulfillment in my work and life or should I be happy to just get by?” We are here to help answer those questions.

Knowing your skills, values and organizational fit is key to strategic and effective career management. Along with ongoing self-assessment, understanding the internal/external marketplace and networking, coaching will help you stay on track. Whether you are looking for guidance in determining your next career move, practical assistance in conducting a job search, support after a job loss, or coaching to maximize work/life effectiveness and satisfaction, we can help.

Look through the service descriptions below and see which fits your career management needs; there’s more information on each individual coaching service page.

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Coaching for Organizations – Taking the lead

Organizations of all types face challenges unique to their mandate and stage of development.

  • For start-ups and early stage companies, 2BDetermined provides targeted coaching and support to help business owners gain clarity about next steps. We also help executives with strategic decision responsibility formulate winning strategies, lead effective change and drive innovation at every level of their organization.
  • For established companies, corporations and educational, not-for-profit or government related organizations, 2BDetermined offers onboarding, performance and development, organizational change and career transition services to support employee engagement and effectiveness throughout the Employment Lifecycle.
  • For professional associations and alumni/ae groups, 2BDetermined offers workshops on a range of strategic career management topics to provide real value to members.
Look through the service descriptions below and see which fits your organization’s needs; there’s more information on each organizational coaching service page.

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