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Assessing your Career-ability

The Career-ability self-assessment indicates the extent to which you excel at each of five career management skills.

What's your Career-ability quotient?

Career-ability is the term we use to describe the level of savvy that mid-career professionals need to effectively and strategically manage their careers. A high degree of Career-ability means you know your strengths and interests, your core values and the kinds of organizations where you belong. You understand the internal/external marketplace and know how to leverage the power of networking to determine best fit and land good jobs. Once you're there, you have the navigational skills to thrive in the jobs you get.

This self-assessment is designed to help you to identify your current level of Career-ability and point to specific areas of career management where you may need support. People often have different levels of skill and comfort on the five career management dimensions:

  1. Engaging in career exploration to gain clarity
  2. Performing research and networking to obtain information and advice
  3. Conducting a successful job search
  4. Interviewing, evaluating offers and negotiating effectively
  5. Managing overall work/life balance for success and satisfaction

The Career-ability self-assessment indicates the extent to which you excel at each of these career management skills. Scores on each of the five subscales range from 0 to 20. A higher score suggests you have greater confidence in your Career-ability for that aspect of strategic career management.

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