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Career Transition

2BDetemined offers organizationally sponsored career transition support for departing senior level employees accustomed to working with a coach.

Organizational Support – Career Transition

Our unique high-level boutique service v. off-the-shelf outplacement signals your recognition of the needs of senior level professionals and executives. Executives need both to hit the ground running and to reflect on the factors that resulted in their departure from the organization. A skilled Executive Coach can address their sense of urgency for action while providing opportunities for insights that will make them successful in their next role.

Program Components for Transition Support
  • A wide range of executive assessments and analysis of qualities, traits, skills and abilities gained from education, training and experience to determine appropriate search goals by an Executive Career Coach who is a trained/certified Assessment Specialist
  • Establishment of a professional identity that consistently conveys their unique value proposition in all written and spoken communications
  • Image and behavioural coaching from an Image Coach to support executive presence in all networking meetings, professional events and interviews
  • A professionally written/formatted résumé, customized cover letters and other documents including an executive summary, bio, business cards and executive interview materials such as white papers and PowerPoint presentations crafted by an Information Design specialist
  • Coaching for mastery of effective job search techniques when responding to posted positions, connecting with the executive search community and networking
  • Supported market research for targeting and facilitated senior level introductions
  • Training and support from a Social Media expert in leveraging LinkedIn and establishing thought leadership via Groups and Twitter
  • Interview training, preparation and practice with feedback from an Interview Coach who is a former Senior Corporate Recruiter
  • Selecting and vetting appropriate references, including negotiating references that respect organizational policy as well as client needs
  • Coaching on evaluating offers and negotiating from a former Executive Search professional
  • On-boarding coaching and unlimited First 90 Days support for success in the new job
  • Support as needed in exploring self-employment/consulting from an Entrepreneurial Coach
  • Financial management advice as needed from a Charted Accountant/Certified Financial Planner
Benefits to the Organization
  • Coaching equips the client with the perspective and self-confidence to move ahead quickly, minimizing your organization’s exposure to prolonged negotiation and possible litigation
  • Working with an Executive Coach to process the job loss in the context of career successes and challenges helps the client identify key strengths and areas for development
  • Coaching helps reduce search time by as much as 1/3 by shifting the client’s focus from their termination to conducting an effective senior level job search
  • Unlimited ongoing coaching supports newly developed skills, builds momentum that creates results and ensures a successful transition by continuing through the first 90 days in the new role

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*While 2BDetermined maintains a policy of confidentiality with regard to specific information about our clients, we would be happy to share details of representative projects.

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