Speaking Engagements

For professional associations and other groups looking to support their membership’s professional development.

Speaking Engagements

There’s no use running if you’re not on the right road

2BDetermined is available to speak to your group–large or small–on specialized topics related to careers, workplace challenges and entrepreneurship.

Strategic Career Management

Good careers don’t just happen‒they require active management. At every stage of your career, it’s crucial to understand who you are, the life and career goals you want to accomplish and the action steps that will help you reach them. Doing this on your own can be challenging; that’s why we offer a 6-part workshop series to support your members’ career success. While each workshop is designed as a stand-alone, offering all six provides a powerful curriculum to help your members master the core concepts of strategic career management.

  1. The What, Why and How of Strategic Career Management: This workshop introduces the concept of strategic career management: what it is, why it’s important and how it works. Help your members learn how to increase success and satisfaction in a current job, plan a new career, conduct an effective search for new work or explore self-employment.
  2. Building a Strong Résumé & Cover Letter: Many people fail to recognize both the need for and the opportunity to create a powerful self-marketing document and settle for an employment history. This session covers different kinds of résumés, targeted cover letters that make an application stand out and the role information design plays in making sure the medium you choose appropriately conveys your message.
  3. Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile: For members looking for practical advice, this workshop introduces best practices on optimizing your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters and increase professional brand visibility and credibility. Learn how to establish and maintain a consistent career identity and expand your network.
  4. Conducting an Effective Job Search: An effective job search, like any business project, needs planning, appropriate resources and flawless execution. This session discusses the three channels by which people find work–advertised positions, recruiters/search firms and personal/professional contacts. Participants receive a job search checklist and process map for conducting a targeted search based on research and networking.
  5. Networking Your Way to Your Dream Job: This session will help you get and stay connected by providing actionable advice on how to develop, maintain and utilize your professional network. Learn how to communicate your value and vision persuasively so your professional identity resonates with your target audience and keeps you in the loop about current and future possibilities.
  6. The Art and Science of the Interview: This workshop will focus on how to prepare for an interview by developing your value proposition, preparing your “elevator speech,” looking at frequently asked interview questions and best answers, highlighting your key competencies for behavioural interview questions. Specific techniques will be reviewed so that you can nail a Skype interview or ace a case interview. We will also look at questions for the interviewer, best practices and effective follow up.
Additional Topics

In addition to the six core sessions, we also speak on the following career management topics:

  • Is Self-Employment for You?
  • Mind Your Own Business! Start-up and Early-stage Business Success
  • Authenticity and Competence: Success in the Changing World of Work
  • Navigating Personal & Organizational Change
  • Communication Styles

For all our speaking engagements, the presenters are available to answer individual career questions after the workshop. As an incentive to attend, we also offer complimentary one-hour 1:1 follow-up phone consultations to attendees for issues that go beyond the scope of a single question.

Contact us to schedule a time to talk about your group’s strategic career management needs and how we can help.