Engagement During Change

2BDetermined will work with you to keep your workforce focused and engaged during organizational change.

Engagement During Change

2BDetermined will work with you to keep your workforce focused and engaged during organizational change.

Organizational Support – Change Resilience Coaching

Changes occur that impact employees at every stage of the Employment Continuum. While there is no pat formula that will address all issues that result from change, there are proven strategies that apply to a range of circumstances. 2BDetermined’s goal is to help organizations move through change successfully and to help employees become more change resilient.

Our approach to change encompasses three necessary components:

  • Change leadership: Developing a vision of the future, communicating direction in words and deeds, and energizing people to overcome major political, bureaucratic and resource-related obstacles to change.
  • Change management: Making structural and systemic corrections to match the changing requirements and assisting employees in adapting their work practices to align with the new goals and objectives associated with the change.
  • Transition advocacy: Supporting individuals and groups in understanding and working with the psychological dimensions of change, enabling them to move forward with more confidence and commitment.

Executive and Senior Management Support

During times of change, organizations need proven leaders they can rely on. But even a planned change can trigger the departure of key staff. If you need to retain key staff, 2BDetermined can help those individuals determine their degree of alignment. If coaching reveals a lack of fit with a current or proposed new role or manager, internal redeployment options can be introduced. If there is lack of alignment with the organization itself, the individual is empowered to proactively examine options.

For those individuals who elect to seek other opportunities, the process enables both the organization and the individual to find mutually beneficial ways of ending the employment relationship and for the individual to move on. This process supports the organization by retaining and developing those employees whose personal and professional goals mesh with the needs and goals of the organization. (Please see our > Career Transition service for more information.)

Workforce Support

2BDetermined combines strategic consultation in the planning phases, working with HR or line managers to improve productivity measures, conducting workshops for staff to educate and focus their thinking, coaching key individuals to overcome barriers, and identifying internal change champions to further the cause. Change readiness and planning includes:

  • Dealing with challenges and opportunities of change
  • Addressing work related stress during time of change
  • Maintaining organizational focus for senior leadership
  • Maintaining employee and group productivity for managers
  • Maintaining personal productivity during transition for employees

Workforce Support services include:

  • Briefing senior management on the effects of change and transition
  • Conducting training on workforce management before, during and after the announced change for managers and supervisors
  • Facilitating orientation programs for employees to keep them motivated during the period leading up to the announced change

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