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Investigating Self-Employment

If you wonder if you should become self-employed, 2BDetermined can help you make the right choice.

Business Challenges – Investigating Self-Employment

If you are an individual thinking about self-employment you might not know where to start. 2BDetermined Business Coaching can help you focus on the essentials and evaluate possibilities. Once you determine that self-employment is aligned with your goals, we can help get you get your new initiative up and running on your own or in partnership with others.

Determining your best-fit option starts with you and your career aspirations and helps you decide whether/what kinds of self-employment opportunities will meet your career goals. Coaching can also assist you in developing self-management skills to further your personal and professional growth.

Program Components for Investigating Self-Employment
  • Assessment instruments and exercises to determine Personality Type, Business Development Style, Dominant Motivation, Preferred Work Structure, Sales Style, Career Preferences
  • Analyzing personal and professional accomplishments to determine Core Strengths
  • Initial Goal Setting using the Grow Process
  • Research support in exploring natural markets and areas of potential interest
  • Training and support in networking including effective use of LinkedIn and other social media
  • Informational interviewing to learn about self-employment options of potential interest
  • Decision making to choose your best option

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