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Job Loss – Career Transition Support

Whatever your level, if you’ve lost your job, 2BDetermined can help answer the question “Now what?”

Job Loss – Starting over

For every door that closes, another opens but the hallway can be tough! You have to deal with the job loss, figure out your next move and conduct an effective search–all when you may be feeling down. If you’re determined to come through this transition a winner, 2BDetermined can help you land the job you need.

For this special job search circumstance, we start by helping you process the job loss. Looking at the event in the broader context of your work life to date creates perspective and renewed self-confidence. Then we review your previous career successes and challenges to help you determine your next “best fit” role. Once you are ready to focus on creating your career future, we provide coaching in conducting an effective job search to support your successful transition.

In addition to all the standard program components, our self-sponsored Career Transition support includes:

  • Understanding and learning from job loss
  • Negotiating a fair separation package
  • Securing positive reference from your most recent employer
  • Developing a concise “Reason for Leaving” statement

If you want or need to conduct a job search, book a complimentary session so we can learn about your unique situation and needs.

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