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Job Search for Individual Contributors

If you’re unhappy in your current job, but unsure how to get a better one, 2BDetermined can help.

Job Search for Individual Contributors – Get the job you want

The best jobs are often not advertised, and effective job search is a skill. If you’re determined to learn how to conduct a targeted job search for work aligned with your interests, goals, values and experience, 2BDetermined can help you get the job you want.

Our approach starts by helping you analyze your career successes and job search challenges to date to identify areas for reinforcement and development. Next, we provide comprehensive training in effective job search methods. Once you know what you want and how to get it, we support those new skills with ongoing coaching to build momentum that creates results.

Program Components for Job Search 101: Targeted Search Tactics for Individual Contributors
  • Intake and customized program planning to meet your unique needs
  • Job search readiness assessment to determine the qualities/traits you bring to the search, the skills/abilities gained from education, training and paid/volunteer experience and search goals
  • Creation of an appropriately professionally formatted résumé and cover letter template
  • Training in effective job search techniques: answering ads, working with recruiters, networking
  • How to use LinkedIn and other social media in your search
  • Targeted search training in market research and informational interviewing
  • Interview training and preparation
  • Evaluating offers and negotiating

If you want or need to conduct a job search, book a complimentary session so we can learn about your unique situation and needs.

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