Performance and Development Coaching

2BDetermined can help your senior staff improve/enhance their performance and increase their leadership competencies.

Performance and Development Coaching

2BDetermined can help your senior staff improve/enhance their performance and increase their leadership competencies.

Organizational Support – Performance and Development Coaching

2BDetermined’s organizationally sponsored Performance and Development Coaching services are designed to help your senior staff improve / enhance their performance in their current roles and develop additional leadership competencies for the future. Our results-based process provides individuals with personalized assessment, coaching and follow-up to help them increase personal productivity and satisfaction in their work life by taking responsibility to address and correct self-limiting attitudes and behaviours.

There are four phases to 2BDetermined’s Performance & Development Coaching services:

1. Organizational Assessment

2BDetermined recognizes that the organization is the primary client in an organizationally driven coaching intervention. We spend time up front with you to guarantee the appropriate focus for the coaching process: helping the individual discern and increase the degree of alignment with the goals, values and culture of the organization.

The first step is a face-to-face meeting or conference call among the individual’s manager, Human Resources and the 2BDetermined coach to clarify the issues that have prompted the request for coaching services.

2. Individual Assessment

Once the organization’s goals are set and the individual has agreed to engage in a coaching process, the 2BDetermined coach meets with the individual, either on-site or at a neutral location out of the office.

The purpose of the initial meeting is to create rapport between the employee and the coach, obtain the individual’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the context of past and current work history and help determine the desired outcomes for the process. This step is crucial, as it determines if the individual is “coachable.”

At this time, powerful self-assessment tools are assigned to broaden the individual’s self-perspective, and the 360° feedback process is introduced.

3. Situational Assessment

As the coach and client begin to work together, processing completed assessments and discussing day-to day issues, trust in the coach and the process expands, and the client becomes open to examine competency gaps and receive feedback from others.

4. Ongoing Coaching

Ongoing coaching throughout the duration of the engagement enables the employee to reinforce core competencies, gain additional skills and experiment with new behaviours in a controlled context. Dealing with “just-in-time” situations provides an ongoing learning lab for exponential growth via reinforcement and redirection coaching.

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*While 2BDetermined maintains a policy of confidentiality with regard to specific information about our clients, we would be happy to share details of representative projects.

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