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Small Business Coaching

2BDetermined Business Coaching can help you achieve the organizational success you are looking for.

Business Challenges – Small Business Coaching

Small business challenges are as varied as their owners. Maybe your challenge is financial. Or it might be the way you manage operations. Sometimes it’s not clear what is going on, you are just not achieving the results you know are possible.

As business coaches, we have identified two keys to defining your business (and where to start in redefining it):

  • Business Identity: Includes your business name, logo, logotype or pictorial representation/design, your statement of purpose, your core business/value proposition–why you stand out and are valuable vs. everyone else, your service set and a marketing tagline.
  • Business Plan: A description of how you are going to market, sell, and deliver the products/ services offered. This would also include a clear delineation of pricing and other financial requirements for the business.

A coaching process that is focused on you, your optimum work style and how you manage these two key areas can generate extraordinary results.

Program Components for Small Business Coaching
  • Developing/refining the business plan with emphasis on short and long-term goals
  • Reviewing the current state of the business via analysis of markets, sales, operations and financials
  • Determining your personal career goals and their relationship to the current business situation
  • Examining your optimum work style
  • Exploring potential changes that can support personal and business goals
  • Collaborating on and helping you achieve your business objectives such as branding, marketing, communications, proposals, contracts, brochures, presentations, and web-development
  • Providing strategic and “just-in-time” support

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