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Concierge Coaching Service

Designed to provide regular coaching insight and support, Career Concierge is a service that can help you keep your career on track.

Concierge Coaching

Meeting Your Ongoing Career Management Needs

Participating in today’s workforce means learning how to manage your own career. If you’ve availed yourself of any of our Individual Coaching Services, you’ve already learned a lot:

  • Knowing your skills, values and organizational fit
  • Understanding the internal/external marketplace
  • Recognizing the importance of networking

While you’ve already applied what you’ve learned to reach your career goals, you may want support to ensure ongoing career success. To address this need, we are happy to announce a new service we’ve named Career Concierge. A concierge is someone who is there to meet whatever needs arise. We’ve applied that concept to being there for you–for all your career management needs.

Whether you are looking for guidance in determining a next career step, practical assistance in responding to unexpected opportunities or support in continuing to maximize your work/life effectiveness and satisfaction, we can help. Our approach combines a pre-established agenda tailored to your unique career management needs of combined with availability for real time help with situations as they emerge in the context of your work.

  • This cost-effective service keeps your career on track and reminds you that help is always close at hand–whatever the situation
  • Developmental coaching yields actionable insights you can use for continuous performance improvement in your current role and to chart the course of your career going forward
  • Addressing problems or challenges “just-in-time” means earlier resolution and more time to focus on what matters for personal and organizational success
  • A steady rhythm of conversations accelerates your progress toward whatever your goals may be
Program Components for Career Concierge:
  • A kick-off session to establish your annual career goals
  • Monthly coaching sessions focused on your agenda
  • Just-in-time coaching for any challenging situations that arise
  • Unlimited email response to quick questions
  • Annual resume and LinkedIn review
  • Preferred rates for any of our services

Let us know what you’ve been doing. We’d like to help.

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