Workplace Coaching

If you want / need to become more effective in your current role, 2BDetermined can help you thrive in the job you have.

Workplace Coaching

If you want / need to become more effective in your current role, 2BDetermined can help you thrive in the job you have.

Challenge + Plan = Opportunity

You have a job–congratulations! How can you ensure you succeed today and prepare for tomorrow? Every player who wants a winning career needs a coach–someone to help you leverage your strengths for maximum organizational impact and personal satisfaction. Whether you are an executive looking to develop leadership competencies, an individual contributor or manager looking to transition to a higher level in your organization or anyone needing to effectively navigate choppy political waters, 2BDetermined can help.

Performance & Development Coaching: Doing Things Better

If you want to be more effective in your current role, 2BDetermined can help you take your performance and development to the next level. If your organization does not sponsor developmental coaching*, consider the personal benefits of securing your own coach. A coach can help you clarify your internal value proposition, leverage your strengths for maximum organizational impact and navigate internal organizational dynamics.

Performance Development Coaching Program Components

  • A range of executive assessments to identify key strengths and areas for development as well as your Personality Type, Communication Style and Conflict Handling preferences
  • Analysis of qualities, traits, skills and abilities gained from education, training and experience to date to determine your Team and Leadership Style and Effectiveness
  • Establishment of a professional identity that consistently conveys your unique value proposition in all written and spoken communications
  • Image and behavioural coaching to support your effective presence in all meetings, presentations and other professional events
  • Creation of executive materials such as white papers and PowerPoint presentations as needed
  • 6 months of coaching on identified areas of focus along with unlimited access to just-in-time coaching on challenges and opportunities that arise in your current role

*If you think your organization might be interested in sponsoring you, direct them to our sponsored coaching offering > Organizational Support: Performance & Development Coaching.

Internal Career Mobility Coaching: Doing Bigger Things

If you are contemplating a next step in your current organization, 2BDetermined can help you move ahead. Determining your core strengths and values and learning how to leverage your experience and transferable skills can help you transition to a new level or function.

Internal Career Mobility Coaching Program Components

  • Analysis of your personal and professional accomplishments to determine core strengths
  • Creation of a professional résumé aligned with your organization’s standards
  • Editing of internal correspondence as well as PowerPoint presentations and proposals
  • Training on internal networking / informational interviewing
  • Internal interview training, preparation and practice
  • Evaluating opportunities, negotiating terms of the new role and transitioning gracefully
  • On-boarding for the new role, including support in creating a customized 30-60-90 Day Plan
  • 3-6 months of coaching, depending on the goals, the urgency and your availability

Critical Issue Coaching: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Work happens. Whether it’s a promotion to lead a team of former peers, having to prove your value to a new boss or dealing with a difficult but necessary peer, tricky workplace challenges can arise at any time. If you find yourself facing a tough situation, you don’t have to tackle it alone. 2BDetermined can help you find a way forward that supports your continued career success.

Critical Issue Coaching Program Components

  • Clarifying your “best outcome” goal for the situation
  • Identifying and analyzing the people, power and political factors
  • Generating and evaluating potential options to address the challenges
  • Choosing a way forward that optimizes your chances for success
  • Evaluating the process, results and lessons learned
  • Creating a development plan to maximize success going forward
  • Ongoing coaching throughout the process

Executive Coaching: Developing your Leadership Competencies

Executive coaching can help you formulate winning strategies, lead effective change and drive innovation, enhancing performance at every level of your organization—individual, team and enterprise-wide. Coaching engagements depend on your particular role and corporate situation.

Please see > Strategy Coaching for Executives: Increasing Leadership Effectiveness for more information about our Executive program.

Concierge Coaching: A Pro in Your Corner

Participating in today’s workforce means learning how to manage your own career. If you’ve availed yourself of any of our coaching services, consider taking advantage of our new > Concierge Coaching Service for ongoing support. You deserve it!

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