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Strategic Coaching for Executives

If you want to increase your leadership and organizational effectiveness, 2BDetermined can help you focus on the things that matter.

Business Challenges – Strategic Coaching for Executives

Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness

Executive coaching can help you formulate winning strategies, lead effective change and drive innovation, enhancing performance at every level of your organization—individual, team and enterprise-wide. Coaching engagements depend on your particular role and corporate situation. After the identifying your specific problem or challenge, potential areas of focus include:

  • Strategy: Assessing your organization’s current strategy, capabilities, people, structure, systems and technology to create a road map for high performance and growth
  • Alignment: Helping your organization adapt to changing circumstances, respond creatively to new opportunities, solve problems and form alliances
  • Change: Strengthening organizational transition capacities and supporting employee effectiveness by understanding and working through the psychological dimensions of change
  • Culture: Determining leverage points for cultural transformation
  • Leadership: Meeting leadership challenges in the areas of strategy, organizational structure, systems/processes and support

Our coaching engagements can also focus on practical business solutions in areas such as:

  • Planning: Creating business and marketing plans; generating and refining business models; providing financial or organizational analyses and decision support
  • Design: Determining optimal organizational structure and resource requirements
  • Implementation: Providing expertise and support in achieving specific business objectives such as: branding, marketing, communications, proposals, contracts, brochures, presentations, web-development and other projects

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