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Entrepreneurial Coaching

If it’s time to execute on your idea, 2BDetermined can help you get your new venture off the ground.

Business Challenges – Entrepreneurial Coaching

New beginnings require energy and commitment. In a start-up, everything has to be done at once and systems and organization are only part of a long to-do list. Specialized coaching can provide you the support you need to thrive in chaos while planning for a more ordered future.

Entrepreneurial coaching can help you translate your business ideas into reality, create compelling business or marketing plans, generate/refine business models and develop attractive venture capital proposals and presentations.

Program Components for Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Generate/refine your business model and address sole-proprietorship v. incorporation
  • Develop a new corporate identity package for the business
  • Create a compelling business and marketing plan including optimal organizational structure and resource requirements; staffing, operations and technology systems/process support; and financial goals and projections
  • Develop attractive funding proposals and presentations
  • Business launch planning and execution support with ongoing support post-launch

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